SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

Like most people, we don’t normally make a habit of choosing to go for a drive on rainy, windy, and stormy days…  But today was Niall’s birthday and he had taken the day off to specifically make a brief mid-week escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to celebrate.  So, despite the weather warnings, we decided to go ahead with our plans with a short drive to the mountains.  (Don’t ask why we didn’t head in the opposite direction to where the storms were predicted to be).

Our short day trip to Mount Dandenong was filled with road detours (due to power lines and fallen trees), delicious pies, boutique shops, very short walks, and watching the storm front move towards Melbourne from the observatory at SkyHigh.   It was unlike anything I had ever seen from the observatory before, since I normally visit on bright and sunny days.  We were also very lucky that the views were quite clear, even in such stormy weather!

Storm front moving towards Melbourne's CBD, as seen from SkyHigh observatory at Mount Dandenong.

Storm front moving towards Melbourne’s CBD, as seen from SkyHigh observatory at Mount Dandenong.

On our way home, we got stuck in the worst of the storm front.  We were incredibly grateful that we had made it off the mountain roads only minutes before the deluge began.

We got stuck in the red zone!

We got stuck in the red zone!

The rain and hail was absolutely crazy – it was so noisy inside the car that we couldn’t hear one another, and the visibility was so bad that you couldn’t even see the front of the car!  We decided to get off the main roads and return to them only when the rain and visibility improved.  Needless to say, there were many reports of accidents and flash flooding on the radio – many occurring only minutes after we had passed through the affected roads/areas.  But, we eventually made it out of the storm.

We finished off the day by buying another catfish for the aquarium at home to replace the goldfish that died over the weekend, and then enjoying a very lovely dinner at Pastuso in the city – which we highly recommend!  Happy birthday, Niall!  Here’s to more adventures together!

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