We always try to make housewarming parties because they have been good to us in the past.  After all, we met at a housewarming party many years ago when Niall’s high school friends moved in with one of my close high school friends.  It was the merging of two friendship circles and the beginning of our adventures together!

The most recent housewarming party that we were invited to took us on the road to Ballarat, which is not too far and not too close to Melbourne with a drive time of approximately an hour.  To make things more interesting, it was a themed housewarming – 80’s and 90’s – and for the first time, I successfully managed to convince Niall to dress up in a costume!  He went as Dr. Evil (albeit in a costume from the Goldmember film, which was made in the 00’s), whilst I dressed up as Sailor Moon, who is one of my childhood favourite anime characters.

The morning after the party, I went for a walk around Ballarat whilst the others were nursing a hangover and had decided that napping was a better idea.  Luckily for me, Lake Wendouree and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens are within walking distance from my friend’s house, so I didn’t have to go very far to see some of what the town has to offer!  Very pretty.  Very peaceful.  Perfect location for a quiet Sunday morning stroll.

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