Whilst I was away in Europe, I received a text from my family back home asking me if I was free in early January to go on a short family trip to Bright in order to get M out of the house during her post-surgery rehabilitation.  I replied, “I think so, but what would we do in Bright whilst M is still on crutches? Are we just going to leave her at the accommodation whilst we go out hiking in the mountains?”

In actuality, M missed out on almost everything in Bright but our visit to Mount Buffalo.  No hiking was done by anyone, sadly, but M may be one of the few people who has been on two crutches at an elevation of 1300m!  Unfortunately the view was too foggy to be appreciated after her first walk from the car to the lookout on crutches at Brent’s Lookout, but thankfully the skies cleared for our visit to the start of trail leading to The Horn (the highest point on Mount Buffalo).  There was also an abandoned chalet at the top of the mountain, where we sought refuge from the rain on the veranda for a little while and whilst M did some of her physio exercises.  Who would have known that Mount Buffalo used to be a premier destination for winter holidays in Victoria?!  Certainly not us.

Bright itself was full of surprises.  The local Bright Brewery is quite good, serving overpriced but rather tasty samples of their brews, as well as some very good pizzas to accompany.  Just don’t drink the water here.  There is also an ice-creamery on the main road that served the best ice-cream that I’d had in years.  It was definitely the most packed place in town throughout the day and night!  We were also lucky enough to be able to visit the night market, which sees the entire CBD closed for a day to be filled with stalls, performers, and food trucks.  This is run five times a year by the Rotary Club of Bright and was definitely worth spending the time to roam around!

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