Bright Brewery

01-Bright Brewery (478x800)

  1. Bright Lager Unfiltered:
    A classic Australian unfiltered lager brewed with local ingredients.  So fresh and natural it will leave you feeling somewhat alpine.  4.7%
  2. Hellfire Amber Ale:
    Full-bodied English-style ale with a fiery colour and rich caramel melt character.  5%
  3. Blowhard Pale Ale:
    American-style pale ale with loads of bracing citrusy hop flavour and a refreshingly zesty finish. 5%
  4. Razor Witbier:
    Delicate Belgian inspired white ale brewed using local farm ingredients, defining new terrain in Witbier.  5%
  5. Staircase Porter:
    The brightest dark ale brewed from roasted grains to create mouthfuls of dark chocolate and coffee crema.  5.7%
  6. Fainters Dubbel:
    Belgian abbey-style ale brewed with reverence, rich in malt flavours accentuated with raisin and spicy clove.  8.5%

My pick of the lot was the Fainters Dubbel, which was absolutely delicious.  I highly recommend the Blowhard Pale Ale because it had the most intensity in flavour (and it tasted like passionfruit) that I had ever tasted in a pale ale, as well as the Bright Lager Unfiltered because it was very easy to drink.

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