Mount Macedon – Camel’s Hump

When standing on top of Hanging Rock, it’s not hard to see the other nearby ‘bump’ in the otherwise relatively flat landscape, which is called Mount Macedon.  If you look hard enough, you will also notice that Mount Macedon itself has two main peaks – one, where the War Memorial Cross is located; and the other, is known as the Camel’s Hump.  As we visited the War Memorial Cross in cold and wet conditions the last time we were in the area, we decided to spend part of the afternoon after visiting Hanging Rock to see what the Camel’s Hump was all about.

At 1,010 ms above sea level, the Camel’s Hump is the highest point on Mount Macedon.  The walk to and from the summit is very short (approximately 20-minutes return), easy (along a wide gravel path), and steep enough to get your heart pumping.  It is also quite chilly, too…  For some reason, I always feel that it is much cooler whenever I am on Mount Macedon!  The views at the summit viewing platform were very similar to those that we saw from Hanging Rock, and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed because the views were obscured a little by trees.  On the way back to the car, however, we took a short detour and followed a path on the right hand side that led towards the cliff edge.  It was here that we discovered better views (not obscured by trees) and some rock climbers doing their thing nearby.  Apparently this is a popular spot for it!

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