Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock is famous for many reasons – picnics, racing, aliens, and that story about the missing schoolgirls.  It is also a very popular day trip destination for tourists visiting Melbourne, as it is located only a little under an hour outside of the city.  I had never had the pleasure of exploring this really neat little volcanic rock formation just outside of Kyneton and the Macedon region, and had been hanging out for a chance to do so ever since passing it on the way to and from Castlemaine late last year.

The walk to the summit is very short but quite steep, and visitors have two options to conquer the climb: stairs or ramps.  All paths are sealed (with asphalt) and the facilities are very well-kept, so dedicated walking shoes are not necessary here.  (There is an exit fee ($10 for cars), which I suspect is why the area and facilities are so well looked after here).  It was so much fun and a little scary rock hopping once we had reached the summit.  Niall really enjoyed getting himself into the most hair-raising situations as possible – on top of rocks, near the rock edges, poking through rock holes, etc.  The views from the summit are quite pretty, and there are many great photo opportunities to be had if you can find a space away from the many children that seem to come here on the weekends with their families.  I made the mistake of following Niall on one of his rock scrambling adventures, when following Niall is not usually advised – especially when one is scared of heights, has poor balance, and is vertically challenged/short…  We ended up taking the difficult way down from the summit, but somehow managed it with only a scraped arm on my part.  Any visit to Hanging Rock is incomplete without a picnic, and ours was full of delicious goodies sourced from the old bakery in Kyneton (be sure to try their famous vanilla slices!!).

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