Lyttelton is one of the few places where my GPS navigation failed me.  It first told me to drive into a rockfall area and then off a cliff to get to my destination “on the right”.

Although Lyttelton wasn’t the first time that I’d ended up in a rockfall area on this particular trip (F and I hiked through plenty of them!), it was pretty scary because this time, it was just my rental car and myself travelling on an increasingly narrow road that was perched on the edge of a cliff; a legacy of the Canterbury 2010 earthquakes.  Thankfully, just when things began to look quite hopeless, I finally reached an area on the road where there was just enough space to risk doing a U-turn (took 5 points!) so that I could hightail it out of the danger zone and return to safety!  I am grateful that there were no rockfalls and no cars that were headed in the opposite direction, because I honestly don’t know what I would have done!

What I was rewarded with during this scary drive, however, were some pretty good views of Lyttelton’s port town and harbour.

01-lyttelton  (800x600)02-lyttelton  (800x600)03-lyttelton  (800x600)

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