The Bushman’s Centre

The Bushman’s Centre in Pukekura (between Franz Josef and Greymouth) is definitely not for everyone.  In fact, it is a place that polarises the opinions of its visitors, and I am warning you that you will either love it or hate it.  I personally thought it was great…  But, I am an Australian who has grown up and has learnt to appreciate the style of the humour that decorates this place.  The humour treads a fine line between being acceptable and funny, or rude and offensive, so my recommendation is to only visit if you have an open mind and a sense of humour.  After meeting the couple that run this wonderfully unique place, I’m certain that no offence was intended; only fun and laughs.

We almost zoomed straight past this place on the highway by accident because I forgot where on South Island it was located!!  Luckily F pointed it out from the car before it was too late.  The Bushman’s Centre is famous for its possum pies and wild food restaurant serving a “road kill” menu, so needless to say, we were intrigued from the moment we had read about the place during our research!  Unfortunately for us, we were unable to sample the possum pies during our visit for a couple of reasons, including: recent changes in the law meant that the sale of possum pies were prohibited (however, you could get one for a donation to the Centre’s petition against the use of posion to eradicate the local possum population), and turning up too early for the batch to be cooked!  Now we will never know if possum, like most things, also tastes like chicken!!

Image by FKan

Image by FKan

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