Monteith’s Brewing Co.

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A visit to Greymouth would be incomplete without a stop for a tasting (or brewery tour) at the internationally renowned Monteith’s Brewing Co., which has been brewing its distinctive beer since 1886.  The new brewery building is quite impressive and has a great atmosphere for a relaxing drink (or few) and snacks with friends.  There are also plenty of travellers floating around to swap travel and other life stories with over a beer or cider.

Unfortunately for us, our driving plans meant that our tasting was limited, but there appears to be something on tap here for everyone.  I decided to sample the unfiltered apricot wheat beer from the brewer’s series, which is a collection of experimental craft beers that are not currently exported to Australia or elsewhere.  It was a really delicious, sweet, and refreshing drop. Rumour has it that it will hit Australian shores before the end of the year, so I’m looking forward to having another again!

Unfiltered Apricot Wheat Beer
Wheat beer 5.0% A/C Vol.

Flavour: Apricots, clove, and banana flavours with a fresh spicy finish.

Brewing info: Based on a traditional Bavarian hefeweizen with added sweetness.  Sun-ripened otago apricots balance the tart, clove, and banana flavours of our wheat malt and special yeast.  Overlaid with a fine noble hop to create a fresh spicy finish.

History: One of the oldest styles of beer still brewed today.  Originally brewed using wheat grain and barley due to its abundance to local brewers.

Try with: Summer antipasti, banana banoffe pie, or hard cheese such as gruyere.

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