Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka

I had always intended for us to spend some time in Wanaka after hearing a couple of friends speak so highly of the place whilst researching South Island (via party conversations, of course).  Wanaka is supposed to be one of those breathtakingly beautiful places that cannot be missed and is very moreish in the sense that both of my friends extended their stays upon arrival.  I was told that it should not be treated as just a stop-off, but rather, it is a place that requires time to properly experience its beauty and laid back nature.

Unfortunately for us, we accidentally booked accommodation in Hawea instead, which is 15 km North of Wanaka.  (Easy to do, a lot of the accommodation in the areas surrounding Wanaka advertise as though they’re in town, making things difficult for travellers).  Nevertheless, we still managed to eat lunch by Lake Wanaka, and head into town for information, supplies, and a very heartwarming dinner at Sasanoki.

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