Gibbston Valley

On the way to Gibbston Valley from Arrowtown, we spotted the famous Kawarau Bridge, which is where bungy jumping was pioneered by AJ Hackett Bungy.  We stopped to have a poke around for a bit, and were lucky enough to witness a bungy jump during our short stay.  The guy didn’t even scream during his bungy!!

Just around the corner from the Kawarau Bridge was the Gibbston Valley Winery, which we picked to visit because it is also home to New Zealand’s largest wine cave and the Gibbston Valley Cheese.  Who could say no to delicious wine AND cheese?  After booking our wine cave tour, we immediately set ourselves up with a tasting of three wines from the cellar and three cheeses from the cheesery to pass the time whilst waiting for our tour.  Unfortunately for us, our cheese platter took longer than expected to be prepared, and even though it came out looking super impressive, we were left with only 15 minutes to devour all the cheesey goodness before our tour.  In addition, we were not told when we booked our tour that a tasting of three wines was also included with our admission to the wine cave, so we ended up having two tastings (and throwing out most of the wine poured during the tour) by accident.  Unluckily for me, the three wines on offer during the tour were the same ones that I had picked for myself earlier!

We then made our way via a winding and cliff-hanging road to the stunning Chard Farm Winery, where we had intended to have our second wine tasting for the day.  However, because of the accidental double tasting at Gibbston Valley Winery, we stayed only to marvel at the scenery, produce, and the supposedly famous Lola sculpture.  Then, to be safe from any temptation for further wine tastings and spending more money on wine bottles that would be impossible to carry back home, we drove back to Queenstown feeling very content with a delicious and historical day out.

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