Shotover Jet

After the cancellation of yet another skydive attempt due to “weather concerns” (the weather in Glenorchy must be really different from Queenstown‘s because it was sunny and clear in town!), we decided to fill our afternoon with another of New Zealand’s famous adventure activities – riding the Shotover Jet boats.  We picked it because it didn’t seem too crazy, had convenient times available, and it wasn’t as expensive as many of the other activities on offer in Queenstown.

It was a pretty cool experience, but a bit too short for my liking considering the price ($129 for one ride).  But, I thought it was particularly impressive how the boats moved so fast over a mere 10 cms of water through the canyon, and how tight the turning circles were as our very skilled driver manoeuvred around boulders and performed 360° spins.  It did get a little boring and predictable after a while, but still good fun.  The activity itself didn’t require too much effort on our part (just had to hold on), so I shouldn’t really complain…  Unfortunately, I lost my beloved watch after putting my belongings in the lockers for storage, so the Shotover Jet experience was a bit bittersweet for me overall.

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