Skyline Gondola

We originally planned to spend the afternoon skydiving today, but unfortunately were told that all skydives had been cancelled for the day when we phoned up for the weather check.  For some reason, the weather in Glenorchy (a mere 45 minutes’ drive away from Queenstown) was much worse than the clear, sunny day we were experiencing.  We were a little disappointed, but that’s New Zealand, I suppose!

So, to make use of the good weather in town, we decided to take the Skyline Gondola to Bob’s Peak for some photo snapping of stunning Queenstown from its highest point.  The panoramic views up top were really breathtaking.  (The photos here do not do it justice at all, especially because I’m having trouble uploading the panoramic shots).  There are also a few exciting activities on offer at the top including luge rides, mountain biking, hiking, bungy jumping, swinging, scenic helicopter rides, and a Maori cultural experience – none of which we really fancied doing.  Instead, because our return gondola tickets were untimed, we just spent most of the afternoon sitting in the sunshine and catching up properly.  Nice and lazy.

05-Skyline  (800x478)

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