Cave of the Winds and Clearwater Cave

Throughout the whole of our time in Mulu, we were still quite sore from the Mount Kinabalu climb, which posed some obstacles in our desire to explore the area.  Luckily for us, most of our tours were private and we were able to take things at our own pace.  Should you find yourself in a similar situation, we recommend frequent massages with deep heat, taking things slowly, walking backwards down stairs (i.e., in caves), and taking the occasional ibuprofen.

The main form of transport within the Gunung Mulu National Park was via powered long boats on the extensive river network.  These were pretty zippy and a fantastic way to travel, even if it meant wearing bright orange life jackets.  Our first stop on the Clearwater cave and Cave of Winds tour was a small village along the river, which had been set up by the government in an attempt to relocate people out of the jungle.


Cave of the Winds

29-Clearwater and Wind Caves (800x600)

Clearwater cave

54-Clearwater and Wind Caves (800x600)

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