Gunung Mulu National Park

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When we arrived at the Gunung Mulu National Park, were greeted by the wild and very lush jungle that we saw for miles from the plane window as we flew in.  It is very hot and very humid in the jungle…  Rumour has it that temperatures can soar above 30 degrees celcius, whilst humidity sits happily at around 90% in the middle of the day.  It felt unrelentless throughout the whole day.

Below is the swing bridge that you must cross to enter the national park.  All accommodation is located across this bridge, so bring suitable baggage to cross this terrain.  We had some difficulties wheeling our suitcases across this, as the wheels often got stuck and the bridge was at times steep and slippery.  It must have been a sight to see for others!

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At the park centre, we received our tickets in the form of a coloured wristband that is to remain on until we depart. The colour represents our departure date.

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Accommodation within the park is set within the lush jungle and is accessed via a network of board walks. There is a wide variety to suit all budgets, including private bungalows and a hostel. We stayed in the “Deer Cave” as part of one of the long houses. Our room had adequate fans and air conditioning to make nights bearable for sleep, as well as a clean but basic bathroom. We often found ourselves sharing our lodgings with some of the locals, such as large spiders, some insects, and a bat that had taken residence in one of our showers. We had also several issues with ants finding our food within the room (so don’t bring any!!). The only food that survived was our fruit and my Mentos in its air-tight container.

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The food in the national park is actually quite good, if you selected the right dishes from the menu. Remember that Mulu is located in Malaysia, so anything on the menu that is Malaysian or similar Asian has a fair chance of being very tasty and well-made, such as noodle and rice dishes. Unfortunately, this dining hall is the only place that you can get your meals within the national park if the food is not your cup of tea. Luckily for me, many of the dishes I tried were good enough for my tastebuds!

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